Working With Dr. Sarah

emily in netDr Sarah uses a combined approach that bridges the gap between science driven medicine and intuitive energy soul work. Her approach is not through chiropractic care, which she has been doing for 11 years, instead she becomes a “Sorcerer” which is a clear channel for the abundant source to flow through her into you. She provides hands on and distant bodywork as a way for you to release old injuries and patterns from your body AND the mind, so you can take charge of what you want. It’s about connecting your mind|body and soul to free the possibilities of what you want to create in your life.

A head injury taught me everything I am today. Disgusted with the lack of care and knowledge of mainstream medical. Many years I searched and researched to become an expert in complete body care. I truly believe everyone is entitled to live with complete health and VITALITY! However, to work with me you will need to look within yourself honestly to truly heal-as I now know from my own experiences-Health is a choice and you have created your health issues. Let’s get to the root cause so you can LIVE your life!


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