free-happy-womanIt was a soul, energy movement Dr Sarah assisted me with moving into a better place, seeing the world with a different view. She taught me exercises to strengthen my body where it was needed. ~ Shelly

I had much more awareness about how my body and emotions were connected. I was able to free old patterns in my body that I had held for a long time. I understood deeper the connections between my emotions and my body. I was able to quickly clear stuff that came up emotionally or physically, oh… and so much more! She seemed to really know how to connect with what was going on with me. She seemed to know innately how to help me feel the best me possible. ~ Nicole

I learned how to take good care of my body and you taught me specifically what I can do to stay well and happy too. Dr Sarah got me healthy after being so sick-and thankfully she found me to call 911-as she helped save my life! Her skill-set and quick to think and to remain calm at the emergency room helped the doctors diagnose my meningitis quickly. She guided me on how t exercise, what supplements to take and how to do daily stretches. I’ve learned that my nervous system plays an enormous part in me staying healthy. Because of your teaching, I have helped others. I understand the importance of exercise, moving to good health. I understand the importance of eating well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~Judy (Mom)

Sarah Featured images new life old life2Personally, I slowed down, eased up and gave my body and mind a chance to abide in and enjoy the day I’d been given. Through Dr Sarah’s chiropractics, my body became better aligned and healthy. Dr Sarah helped me learn to BREATHE and keep my muscles moving, to prevent/help muscle stiffness and pain. There was a gentleness in the way she worked with my joints/muscles that allowed my body to relax and trust her treatments. ~Maxine

Dr. Sarah, As you know, your help in my recovery from Lyme’s disease was enormous. ~Pat

I started on a new awareness of how my body worked/didn’t work and learned a new way of living/moving more efficiently. I found a BETTER way of actually breathing into my movement. I was given concrete strategies that helped me be happier, healthier, and pain free. I want to learn so much more-like helping my body heal itself and more about breathing into my movement. She is a healer/teacher who seems to be able to “read” what a body needs and gave me individualized plans that I did at home. I believe you have a special gift, God-given gift. ~Julie

I have never experienced anything like what Dr Sarah does. Instead of adjusting the body from the outside, I felt like I was empowered to adjust from within. I felt like I could form new connections to what was happening in me. I felt like I could see how each part of my life was connected. ~Nicole

I had some sports type injuries that she helped me work through. ~Katie

Life always changes and change is good, whether obvious or not. Dr Sarah’s work is the change of the obvious positive. ~Ardi

Less Stress, fewer aches and pains. She is more than your standard chiropractor. Best there is! ~Laura