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Dr. Sarah treats you as a WHOLE person: your physical body, your mind (which is not separate from your body) to impact your soul.

Leadership of the Self- Owning who you are at the CORE.

What is really stopping you from getting what you want?free-happy-woman

What’s really in the way of you feeling great in your body?

How is your ability to create and manifest connected to your physical body?


Your body never lies. Your body holds the energy and possibility of what you can create.

When you are ready to embrace your potential and live it to the fullest, where do you start?

The body, the mind, or the soul?

If you focus on all three you will experience rapid transformation, healing and skyrocket your vitality. YOU become unstoppable!

I’m Dr Sarah Peters and doctors told me I would never have the life I wanted after a traumatic brain injury. I was a Division II athlete who learned how to balance on one foot again. I was an over-achiever at everything I did who learned how to talk again. I know what it takes to transform your life. And it’s more than physically working hard. It’s more than working on your mindset. It’s more than feeling good.

It’s time to leave your old excuses and limitation behind. It is time to be unstoppable.

I work with people in person or virtually. If you are ready, I’m here. Let’s go.

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As a natural healer, she provides hands on and distant bodywork as a way for you to release stories, old injuries, and patterns from your body AND the mind, so you can take charge of what you want. It’s about connecting your mind|body and soul to free the possibilities of what you want to create in your life.


Integrating the body, mind, and soul for complete healing. It is within you to heal and this work will show you what you need to do, naturally.

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Mind | Body| Soul Integration


Ready to up-level AND learn how to continue to up-level by knowing what is keeping you down? Ready to live in your Zone where you manifest your visions daily?



Just can’t seem to figure out something in your health? Tired of no answers or bogus labels from health professionals? 

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