Commitment & Mission

Leadership of the Self- Owning who you are at the CORE.

Dr Sarah Peters: THE SOUL PRACTITIONER; Providing transformation when other doctors don’t.

I treat and teach you how to connect mind/body/soul to feel the best in your body, manifest the health you want so you are alive to enjoy your wealth in your life!!

I teach people who are stuck in pain or stuck behaviors and beliefs, transcend the pain and change their results from the inside out by connecting mind|body and soul. Athletes see me to excel even more. People who have sustained injuries that are keeping them stuck, see me to transcend what they think is possible and truly heal. People who work hard but find themselves stuck in old patterns and beliefs, see me to transcend where they are stuck and take quantum leaps in all areas of their life.

My approach is not through chiropractic care, which I’ve been doing for 11 years, instead I become a “Sorcerer” which is a clear channel for the abundant source to flow through me into you, as  I use energy, intuition and my self-designed body work as a way to release old injuries and patterns from the body AND the mind, so you can take charge of what you want.  It has been called miraculous.

Dr Sarah’s Commitment:

I have committed to living a conscious life and in my Zone of Genius. I continue to work on myself and expand my knowledge and vibrations so others can up-level them-self. I expand in abundance, success, and love as to inspire others to do the same.  I live from a place of service and as a truth seeker and teller- you will always receive honest feedback for your transformation.

Mission Statement:

To live and continue to be the person that shines light out into the world. To be of service to those who are open and wanting more in their life. To increase awareness with each soul,  to connect with them at a higher level in hope that they see the light within themselves to live a life of VITALITY!