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To see the last breath taken by spirit and then to see the vessel (the body) to which it occupied,

gave me a new perspective on life.

baby colton I’ve  seen life be given and taken; I almost lost my own life.

I’ve been an over-achiever all  of my life and before I graduated from Chiropractic school, I was certified in three different chiropractic techniques and a muscle technique, ART® that brought me to the shores of Kona, Hawaii working with athletes competing in the IRONMAN® Championship. I was playing full out in what I thought I wanted and was supposed to do.

Then the rug was ripped out from under me. I blacked out and fell backwards on the concrete with a  big thug. I don’t know how long I was out but I woke up to three firemen assisting me and three weeks later, as if the intense physical pain wasn’t enough, I couldn’t remember family member’s names along with other memories. My high level athleticism was gone and tasks that were once easy, were difficult, if not impossible.

I experienced a brain injury (subdural hematoma) that would have incapacitated most people. I had to re-learn motor skills, balance, bring thoughts into words and much more. The worst part was I couldn’t do what I worked my whole life for, my dream was put on hold. I had to heal, which meant I had to let it all go.  Everything I thought I was and everything I had worked my whole life to BE….GONE in an instant,

Against my beliefs, I reached out to Western Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and after weeks of tests after tests that they didn’t have any answers for, they gave me bogus labels. I was an advocate for my health and didn’t accept their over-prescribed labels. But that didn’t matter. To them, they couldn’t help me and how they said it was with a bogus diagnosis. HAS that happened to you? DO you feel Doctors don’t hear you? Or give you a prescription to get you  out of the office? Or maybe  you try holistic practitioners and still have the same issue or pain? I know- I get it…that was me too! I intuitively felt there was a missing piece.  But where do I go- who can help me?  I had NO idea where to start. But I knew I where I wasn’t going to go for answers. I got so fed up going to all kinds of Doctors, holistic practitioners with the same un-answered outcome. After Doctors told me that my life would never be “normal” again, was when I discovered my relationship with my body and soul.

   I reached out to Energy, essential oils, vibrational healing, Shamanism, and strong personal/spiritual development.

I became an expert in healing myself!

Through perseverance, determination, and alternative healing, I returned to work again three years later and brought with me all the natural ways of healing to become a natural healer. I am REIKI II certified, completed Shamanic work, Soul Integration, Quantum Energy Healing, vibrational healing and continue to expand my healing modalities.

The doctors were right though, I would never have a “normal” life again.

I have a life I never thought was possible – a life where I have manifested everything I’ve set out to do. I manifest whatever I want and even with the juggling of being a business owner and a mother, I live in joy in a healthy body, mind and soul.

If you are ready to amp up your manifesting power and heal the body and mind of the patterns that are weighing you down, don’t wait for a sign so big from the universe that you get the rug ripped out from under you like I did, let’s chat and see how I can support you. (LINK TO SCHEDULE SESSION)


Dr Sarah got me healthy after being so sick-and thankfully she found me to call 911-as she helped save my life! Her skill-set, quick to think, and to remain calm at the emergency room helped the doctors diagnose my meningitis quickly. She guided me on how to exercise, what supplements to take and how to do daily stretches. I’ve learned that my nervous system plays an enormous part in me staying healthy. Because of your teaching, I have helped others. I understand the importance of exercise, moving to good health. I understand the importance of eating well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~Judy (Mom)

More to the story from my perspective: As I was healing from my own head injury- I had to move in with my parents in MN. My mother wasn’t feeling good and I was out doing home care when I intuitively felt I had to check on my mom. When I arrived she was unresponsive, breathing, and unconscious- I called 911. I am thankful for my training at Northwestern Health Sciences that allowed me to act (not think) as a first responder and save a life that happened to be my mom’s! Still makes me tear up.

See how I work here to see how I blend all of my experience, training and healing into how I can serve you.


About me on a Manifesting level: Mind, Body, Soul Alignment:

Innate Knowledge: I tap into the source given to us- maybe you do or don’t- I had to learn how to listen to my inner knowing and intuition-thus making it stronger. This is THE WAY I live my life. How I teach to connect mind|body|soul is a good first step for those who feel the intuitive life is woowoo-

It was a soul, energy movement Dr Sarah assisted me with moving into a better place, seeing the world with a different view.

I do not use an alarm to wake up. I was taught at a young age how to use my mind-and how to visualize to get the things I wanted. Looking back I am thankful of having that knowledge to live my life-now I teach others to do the same.

Dr Sarah Peters About

The body you want: I love to design workouts. I have been designing my own for 20 years and I don’t go to a gym to get the results I want. I also share the knowledge I have to those who become clients of mine that want to feel their best-and to not spend hours at a gym.

I go after my dreams-which are my goals-and so far I have reached what I set out for.

NOW it is YOUR turn to have a life you want.





“Mahalo” Thank you for reading “about me”- I would love to learn “About YOU!” Let’s connect!

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